For over a century patrons have found comfort in this historic building nestled in the heights of the Meadowlands, presently home to Ivy Inn.  Opened in the 1870’s as a stagecoach inn, travelers in horse and carriage along Polifly Road (later named Terrace Avenue) stopped here to eat and drink in the tavern below and sleep in one of six guest quarters above.  After the turn of the 20th century, the inn evolved into a fine dining restaurant (a popular speakeasy during Prohibition), but eventually fell into disrepair.


            In 1996, the current owners undertook an extensive restoration.  The fireplaces in the dining rooms and cherry beams in the side “Red Room” were uncovered and repaired.  The horseshoe bar was re-veneered, and the oak icebox (dated 1912) was refurbished and moved to stand in view inside the barroom. 


            On Valentine’s Day of 1997, the inn once again opened its doors for fine dining, renamed Ivy Inn.  Ivy, the symbol of love and marriage, has proven to be a fitting name.  Since reopening, the restaurant has witnessed countless marriage proposals, weddings and anniversary celebrations.  Continuing its long legacy of hospitality, the inn is once again a Bergen County favorite and promises to inspire cherished memories for many years to come.